Reclaim, Reuse and Repurpose.

Professional Salvagers & Deconstruction enthusiasts.

BD Salvage & Deconstruction. We are the first group from Budget Demolition to go into industrial buildings, commercial or residential structures slated for demolition identifying building components for potential salvage.

Our Salvage Warehouse is a treasure trove of reclaimed building materials, and other cool stuff – architectural artifacts, antiques, signs, industrial components, automotive parts, and other oddities. You just never know what you will find!

Building Salvage
Salvage Staircase
Reclaimed doors
recycle hamilton


We do our part as a member of the global community. By salvaging and deconstructing we are reducing the need for new items being produced, and landfill usage – therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Repurpose, Reuse & Recycle

We think ahead

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